3rd IGAA People's Choice Award

How do fans vote?
Everyone can vote for a People’s choice award.  All IGAA Award nominees will be eligible for an IGAA People's Choice Award.  When the nominees are announced, fans can go to the IGAA website, www.indiegospelalliance.com, to vote for their favorite nominee.  The nominee who receives the most tallied votes will receive the coveted IGAA People's Choice Award.

Can I vote for more than one artist?
Absolutely! Fans can vote for up to four (4) IGAA nominees.  

Can I vote more than once for my favorite artists?

Can I change my vote?
Only before you hit the Vote button. Once you submit your vote, you will not be able to change it.

Who wins the IGAA People's Choice Award?

The winner of the IGAA People's Choice Award is the nominee who received the most votes. The Judging Panel is not involved in judging this category.  The winner chosen by "the people".

When does voting end?

The voting period for the IGAA People's Choice Award is May 1, 2021 - June 2, 2021