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Fan Participation - IGAA People's Choice Award


How can I win an IGAA Award?

All IGAA Awards, except for the People's Choice Award, are merit awards.  You cannot win an IGAA Award just based on radio airplay or chart position. You win based on your artistic merit.  Your work is evaluated by esteemed recording artists, radio programmers, music supervisors, producers, reviewers, and other influencers.

How are the nominees and winners determined?
The judging is a 3-stage process including pre-screening to eliminate non-qualified entries, an in-depth evaluation where

submissions are ranked based on the totality of their artistic excellence -- originality, musicianship, and overall quality and then, a final judging to select the winners. To win an IGAA Award is an absolute true measure of excellence in music and ministry. Artists are chosen based on the overall success of their music and the effectiveness of their music ministry.

The People's Choice Award is determined by popular vote only.  See FAN PARTICIPATION below for more information on the IGAA People's Choice Award.

When are nominees & winners announced?
IGAA Award nominees will be announced on May 1, 2021; Winners will be announced on July 9, 2021 at the 3rd Annual IGAA
Awards show.

Nominees are notified via the email address provided in their submission registration. (It is important to add to your approved contacts – and notify us if your contact information changes.)

In addition to the official press release, announcements will also posted on the IGAA website, Facebook and Twitter pages,

and in the IGAA email newsletter.

To receive IGAA news and updates, click here to join the mailing list:

Is there an awards show?
Yes.  This year, the 3rd Annual IGAA Awards show will be presented on July 9, 2021.   Details are to follow.

What do I win?
The IGAA Awards recognize the exceptional work of artists and releases from around the country. In addition to the prestige of
earning IGAA honors, your best work is showcased to peers and Gospel music industry professionals – including radio
programmers, promoters, and the press.

Where’s the cash and prizes?
The IGAA Awards is an awards program based on artistic merit and ranked by esteemed recording artists, radio programmers,
music supervisors, producers, reviewers, other influencers.  The IGAA Awards is not a song contest or talent show.


Do I lose any rights to work entered?
No. You maintain all of the rights to your work.

Does my work have to be copywritten?
Yes.  You can learn more at the U.S. Copyright Office website:

Can I enter cover songs?
Yes. Covers are accepted in all categories. All Albums and EPs may contain a mix of cover and
original tunes.


How can I enter?
Beginning January 20, 2021, you can visit,, and select IGAA Awards.  Go to IGAA Awards

Nomination Form and complete the required fields.  

It will require you to submit one or more of the following.  
Songs: Link(s) to download/stream full version
Albums and EPs: Link(s) to download/stream full album or individual tracks (no snippets)
Videos: Link(s) YouTube or Vimeo videos

When is the deadline to submit?
The deadline to be considered for an IGAA Award is 11:59 EST, March 15, 2021. (The IGAA reserves
the right to extend

the deadline.)

What does it cost to enter?
There is a nominal processing fee of $35.00 is required per entry.  You may select up to 3 award categories.  

Why do I have to pay to enter?
The processing fee helps to offset the cost of nomination process as well as marketing support and other expenses for

presenting the show. This is NOT a pay to win model. There are NO additional fees for promotion. The small fee we charge

DOES NOT guarantee nomination or an award.  Only the quality of your submission makes you eligible for nomination.

How can I pay the processing fee?
You may pay the processing fee by credit card only.

Can I enter for multiple categories?
Yes, you may enter the same song, album, or EP in up to 3 categories, except Artist of the Year and New Artist of the Year.

Can I submit for both Artist of the Year and New Artist of the Year?

Artists cannot be nominated for both Artist of the Year and New Artist of the Year.  

What are the requirements to be considered New Artist of the Year?

For the IGAA Awards, a "new artist" is considered an artist who has released their first project during the period of eligibility.

The current period of eligibility is January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020.

How many CDs should I include if I’m mailing in my entry?
All entries must be submitted online. No mailed entries will be accepted.

Which categories should I enter?
Artists may enter their work in up to 3 categories.

Must all music submissions be original compositions?
No, music submissions can be original compositions or cover songs.

I entered work, or was asked to submit. Does this mean I’ve been nominated?
No.  Submitting work, or being invited to enter a project is not a nomination. Entries must receive high scores from judges

to be nominated.

OK, I submitted. Will I ever hear from you?
Only if you are nominated for an award.  All artists who submit entries will be
placed on the IGAA email list to receive

important IGAA information, news, and opportunities.


How do fans vote?
Everyone can vote for an IGAA People’s choice Award.  All IGAA Award nominees will be eligible an IGAA People's Choice

Award.  When the nominees are announced on May 1, 2021, fans can go to the IGAA website,,

to vote for their favorite nominee.  The nominee who receives the most tallied votes will receive the coveted IGAA People's

Choice Award.

Can I vote for more than one artist?
Absolutely! Fans can vote for up to four (4) IGAA nominees for the IGAA People's Choice Award.  

Can I vote more than once for my favorite artists?

Can I change my vote?
You can change your vote before you hit the Vote button. Once you have submitted your vote, you will not be able to change it.